Friday, March 4, 2016

Evoking Warm Weather With Color

Animal Collective's music video for "FloriDada" is a technicolor ode to the Sunshine State. It mixes the palette of resort wear with the nonsensical nature of Dadaism for a really bizarre, uncomfortable, but compelling four minutes. I actually didn't like this song until watching its music video, which is a testament to the influence of visuals--specifically, in this case, color--on a project's reception.

From what I have seen of Saint Lucia, it is colorful in the same beachy way as Florida: hillsides of pastel-painted shacks, blue waters, light sand. Just as they do above for "FloriDada," these colors convey the mood of the place; they communicate its warmth, its vegetation, its landscape. I think it is not only appropriate but imperative, in order to establish and characterize the setting, to douse the frame with the colors of the land.

boats docked in Saint Lucia

houses in Saint Lucia

We are going to scout out colorful locations for wide shots once we arrive. I have also contacted an illustrator already with the hopes she can create whimsical, animated designs for our marketing materials and/or title card(s). I think the use of color and of graphic design will help even out the darker heaviness that our subject matter is bound to carry into this film.

the opening shot of "FloriDada"-- especially colorful!

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