Thursday, March 24, 2016

Exciting Innovations in the Crowdfunding World

A documentary called The Empowerment Project recently came to Ithaca College. In talking with the producers, they recommended a fairly new crowdfunding website, Seed & Spark. It's innovative, interesting and interactive! 

Seed & Spark describes films as business ventures, that require the seed of an idea and the sparks of human and capital investments to bring them to life. The website is different from any other crowdfunding website. Instead of asking for just one lump sum of money for lord knows what, the website allows you to build a wish list. Your wish list can be any items you want. The coolest part is that people can choose to contribute money to that item or loan you the item. Say you're looking for some audio equipment. Another filmmaker can reach out and loan you audio equipment. Or some wealthy person can give you money for that item specifically. Really neat!

My favorite project I've seen so far is Ordinary Women, an animation about real life female badasses. Their wish list is unique in that you can donate money to a certain story that you would like to see the most. In addition, they incorporate several graphics that make their campaign extremely dynamic. 

Another great part about this website is that it gives you movie recommendations! To watch the films on the website, you can pay in money or in "sparks". It's like a Blockbuster for the digital age. There are also blogs and forums where you can learn from other filmmakers and crowdfunders. 

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