Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Hardest Parts About Filming Birds

As you may have read from earlier posts by Joe and I in this blog, using birds in your movie can be extremely beneficial. This may seem all well and good, but big problems may arise once you have committed to a movie about birds and realize the many problems with filming them. Although there are many complications when it comes to capturing birds on film, I will detail the three biggest problems that I have personally had while filming birds in my film.

1. They fly away

Birds have wings that allow them to fly, and that makes them some of the most elusive creatures on the planet. Being able to easily escape from situations is evolutionarily advantageous, but it is not a good trait when it comes to filming.

2. They are high up

My whole life, I've been used to filming people who live on the ground and I've taken it for granted. It wasn't until I had to film birds that lived really high up in trees that I appreciated how easy it is to film human counterparts. In order to film a bird successfully you either have to tilt your camera up really high or get really high up in a tree to film horizontally like you're used to.

3. They don't speak English

Unlike dogs who listen to you and know what you're saying, birds just fly away when you try to tell them what to do. This one kind of ties back into #1 because usually when you try to talk to a bird to calm them down they fly away. Not only do they not speak English, they don't speak any language except for bird calls.

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