Thursday, March 24, 2016

Inspiration and Fair Use: How This Film Is Not Yet Rated Directly Inspires My Documentary

This Film Is Not Yet Rated was a documentary that has had a big impact on me and how I think about media and its impacts. For those who haven't seen it, the doc is an expose on the MPAA's rating system and the effect it has on American culture. It thoroughly examines the types of films that get the NC-17 rating and through that examination, shocking trends emerge. The disparity between sex and violence, sexuality, and sexual orientation and the ratings these depictions receive is astounding.

Through clips of media footage and interviews, I aim to illustrate the deep rooted problem in how the media reports on transgender individuals. Through my research, focus has been spent on the bodies of transgender indivdiuals and a complete disrespect for identities. I'm not saying that there are some reportings that are better than others, but how transgender individuals are treated in the media is repulsive. Just take a look at Caitlyn Jenner. Before coming out the media completely invaded her privacy and focused on how her body was looking different. For a transgender individual, how they transition and the timeline through which they transition is an incredibly personal decision, and that is completely disregarded through the media.

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