Friday, March 25, 2016

Batman. The "Bird" Gotham Actually Needs

Superman dies
2:15  of crap
:15 of fight
Aquaman Cameo

That's the movie in a nutshell. I was so excited to see the movie and it was a big ol' waste of time. I think there are multiple reasons for this movie not being good. For one, I think the movie tried to cover more material than it could handle. Way too much information was shoved into the 2:30 movie, making it hard to separate the important information from "crap."
Another reason that I didn't enjoy the movie was because of how much of a build up there was for a very anticlimactic final battle. I am not lying when I say there was 2:15 of nothing but talking until the final fight. The only fight that you do see prior to that happens to be a dream that batman is having so its like it didn't even happen. And then batman and superman fight for like 5 minutes, wonder woman comes in and fights for 5 minutes, and then they all fight together for 5 minutes. Thats it.
But honestly, I think the main reason this movie was a flop is because, believe it or not, bats are not actually birds, they're mammals. This tactic of using a bird in the title of the film has been well investigated in a previous blog done by a student here at IC, and the results showed a shocking amount of evidence that by putting a bird's name in the title, the chances of if winning best picture increase by almost 45%. I think that the director of Batman V Superman was well aware of this too but missed the mark just by a hair and didn't do enough research to realize that bats actually aren't birds.

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