Thursday, March 31, 2016

Boss Man at Tribeca

Last semester I had the opportunity to work for one of the most incredible minds in the music industry, Steve Aoki. With Steve's meteoric rise to fame and recent take over of the EDM scene and beyond, it was only a matter of time before he received his very own feature film. Lucky for dance music fans in the New York area, that day will soon be here. On April 15 at the Beacon Theatre, a new documentary centered on the life and pursuits of Aoki will be premiered at the esteemed Tribeca Film Festival. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead will follow his timeline from the very beginning, when Aoki remembers his father founding the popular restaurant chain Benihana, until the near-present when we played his biggest career showcase at New York’s Madison Square Garden. I'd love nothing more than to be there to get an even better glimpse into Steve's life but I'm sure it'll be well received regardless.

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