Friday, November 8, 2013

The Hillywood Show

It's Captain Jack Sparrow, it's Bella Swan, it's Bilbo Baggins: no, it's The Hillywood Show.

 What is it?

The Hillywood Show is a youtube channel created by Hilly and Hannah Hindi. It's birth came to be, a few years ago, when AOL hosted it's "Be a Red Star" competition and Hilly entered with an idea to create music-based, hollywood-shorts. Unfortunately, she came in third place but that didn't stop her for a moment. Armed with a camera, her sister, and a team of friends and family, The Hillywood Show took off. 

The Concept

Now, you might not have caught it the first time but the channel is dedicated to making musical parodies of famous pop-culture movies, celebrities, and tv shows. Usually the parodies are to well-known hits, twisted a bit to fit the theme of their production.

Now some of you are probably thinking, "parodies, laaame." And sure, there are plenty of parody-centric channels out there that hardly meet any sort of cinematic standard, but this is not one of them. From Lady Gaga to Harry Potter, the girls push out a endless wave of movie-standard videos that would blow you away to learn that they make them themselves.

Yes, Themselves

Looking at the quality of their shorts, you wouldn't imagine that all of it is shot on one Canon DSLR: written, directed, starring, and produced by the two sisters. Excluding the support of some special effect and prop companies, the production is done entirely by the Hindi family and their fans. 

It's completely mind-blowing to see that two people can create something so big, without having any formal training in media production beforehand, and be able to pull out all the stops with the help of their viewers. If anything, it makes me love their work even more.

The Behind the Scenes

Strange as it may be, one of the best parts of their work are the behind the scenes videos that are out on their Executive Producer's channel (Myish) and other affiliated channels. It's one thing to see their product, and it's another to witness just how much passion and dedication they put behind it. I'll be honest, I spent a few solid hours watching just the BTSs. I think it's utterly fascinating to see all of the set-up, the make-up, the break-down, and the clean-up of their productions. Hilly could give any FX-artist a run for their money: transforming herself into a list of over twenty different characters that would make you do a double-take.

From a media production student's point of view, it's cool to see what their process is. From getting actors, to directing, to getting the right shot. It's comforting in a way because it shows there are plenty of opportunities to be creative outside of the hollywood scene. Like I said, I find watching how a production is made the most intriguing thing in the world. I can't get enough.

Even if you can't appreciate their parodies, you have to at least appreciate their hard work. And watching them do what they do, it encourages me to continue doing what I do. They're a strong, dynamic team that will go far. So sit down, grab some popcorn, and dive into the world of The Hillywood Show.

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