Thursday, November 14, 2013


Based on C.K. Williams and his Pulitzer Prize winning poems, his beautiful words have paved way of an incredible story, and now an incredible film.  However, it wasn’t the topic of the story, or the meaning of the story itself that amazed me when I found out about the creation of this movie.  It was actually the story behind the making of story that still has me in awe.

With a big name cast including James Franco from 127 Hours, Oz: The Great and Powerful, and This Is The End, Mila Kunis  known for Friends With Benefits, Black Swan, and That 70’s Show, and Jessica Chastain  known for her work in The Help, Zero Dark Thrity, and Mama, you would have been waiting  for the mention of a well known director and writer as well,  and the fact that there isn’t is the craziest part to me. 

Written and directed by 12 New York University film students—yes 12, and yes students—I am flabbergasted, not only by the fact that they were able to book a cast of actors with such prestigious credentials, but the fact that it is looks so professional you never would have known it was made by a small group of students who many would deem as inexperienced. As an aspiring filmmaker, and one with great appreciation of film itself, I am both envious and determined.  I am envious that I was not a part of that team of twelve, and even more determined to reach the quality and ability that they were able to do and gain the knowledge I need to become in a position like that.  They have raised the bar for young filmmakers and have made a beautiful piece worthy of recognition.

The story takes us back to 1940’s Detroit where we meet William’s mother (Chastain), then through his tough years as a teenager, to the time where his writing career began on its journey to its peak in the 1990’s.

I cant wait to see it!

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