Thursday, November 7, 2013

Darkness Light Darkness

Darkness Light Darkness is a short film by Jan Švankmajer. I think it is a very interesting film that sheds light on human life. Jan works with clay figures throughout the short. Human limbs (clay limbs) try to put themselves together. Strange sounds are used during this process. Hands, ears, eyes, a face, and all of the other limbs eventually come together to create a fully-grown human body trapped in a small room where they're connected.

I found this film to be very impressive and well done because it is stop motion animation. It is such a meticulous way of creating a story. You have to change the models slightly every frame without losing the continuity or the persistence of vision. You take a picture and change it again and again until the film is complete.

I don't know exactly what Jan was trying to portray with this film. I think there are a lot of messages that can be taken from it. However, I can only put one message I received into words clearly. This message is: We (humans) try so hard to discovery our meaning or purpose in life but we get so caught up in the search that we never get a chance to truly live. We have to look outside of the tiny room (narrow perspective) we think were trapped in to see the wonder of life. When each of us are open and truly alive, that is when we will be living out our purpose. I could be completely wrong but that's the great part about films. Each viewer can get something different out of a single film.

The video below is the full short film. Viewer Discretion Is Advised

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