Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Emmy's Nailed It

It's very unusual that anything in Hollywood happens with few critiques. This year's Emmy awards did just that, keeping the viewers entertained and successfully avoiding any dragging moments in the entire broadcast. The night went without controversy and celebrated television in a way that only focused on the beauty of television itself. Andy Samberg came out strong in his first experience as host, keeping everything moving quickly in a light and fun way, setting the tone for the entire night. The award show was filled with beautiful moments, along with speeches that didn't make you fall asleep during those two minutes. Game of Thrones took home a record number of awards, to everyone's delight and no one's surprise. And this year we finally got to see Jon Hamm receive an Emmy for his performance in Mad Men, after 7 years of nominations. It was a touching moment that even the actor couldn't wrap his head around, saying over an over "This must be a mistake." Now if only Leonardo DiCaprio can finally get his Oscar....

The night held a few more touching moments, including ones from Viola Davis and Tracy Morgan. Davis, who won best lead actress in a drama, accepted her award with a speech that moved everyone in attendance. She spoke fiercely about how colored women are only as successful as their opportunities, and those opportunities being the only thing that separate them from anyone else. Samberg followed by saying "Hollywood fixed racism! Don't fact check that." Towards the end of the night we witnessed a touching moment as Tracy Morgan returned the stage for the first time after his car accident. He addressed his past year with both tears and laughter, warming the hearts of everyone.

The night's only major fault was their decision to tribute the shows that just ended by showing clips of their finale. Hello, major spoiler! Don't they know no one watches anything live anymore? While the intent was good, it was a bit unnecessary and the Twitter world was not happy about it.

Yet, overall, this year's Emmy show truly killed it. It was entertaining, funny, heartfelt, and never felt like it was dragging. The stage was futuristic and beautiful, and the host was a perfect choice. Great job, Emmys, you nailed it.

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