Thursday, September 24, 2015

Magic Lantern

So I've had my T4i for about four years now. In that time, its gotten a lot to a little bit of use. Well, I'm coming out of my funk of not using the camera after this hiatus. Over the years since I've had the DSLR I've always heard about Magic Lantern and the wonderful tools it gives you. Hesitant might not be the word to accurately describe why I never took the plunge. I'd seen a lot of articles and posts about how buggy the firmware was and that it messed up someone's camera. That was always offputting to me. Well, tonight I decided to install the firmware on my camera. I'm going to be the DP for my Doc Workshop project and the added features will be beneficial for shooting. Having more manual control over what I'm filming will allow me to tailor my image a lot easier and more in depth.

One aspect of the program I'm most excited about is the intervalometer. Ever since I went to High Cascade Snowboard Camp and was shown by Brad Kremer the workflow and how to shoot a proper timelapse I've always been intrigued about, but never was able to, shooting a proper timelapse. I hope to not only utilize this for passion projects but also with my documentary.

I can't wait to start using all of the other features as well!

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