Friday, September 11, 2015


Yeah I'm late. BUT thats only because I heard about this announcement from Sony and I wanted to wait to see if it got confirmed today. It did! The A7S II is finally here and it is impressive. The camera builds on the power of its predecessor while introducing new elements from the A7R line. Notably, the camera now shoots natively in 4K. Unlike the previous model, which you would need an external recorder to squeeze out any more than 1080p, this one shoots it directly onto your cards. The low light range has been kept the same (still absolutely insane at a possible 400,000+ ISO) but an added bonus is the internal image stabilization that we saw introduced to the A7 and A7R lines not too long ago.

As an active proponent for Canon, even I am finding it difficult not to make the switch when such amazing possibilities are becoming available. The only thing that is currently keeping me where I am is the lens selection, but their 8K cameras are still less than impressive. Its time for them to pick up their game and catch up with the advancements of Sony.


arturo said...

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Unknown said...

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