Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Movie Magic and Good Set Design

Unarguably set design is one of the most important parts of a film. You can have the best looking shot in the world but if your interior 1970's bar looks like a Starbucks you're going to have some serious issues. Learning how to disguise your sets as whatever you want them to be is one of the most useful skills to have. Thats where the movie magic is. Convincing your audience that what they see is reality. Even in older movies this holds true. If if the CGI is clunky and hysterically bad.

It's one thing to master this skill on a location to location bases but Vancouver as a city has covered it all. Disguised as any city you can imagine, yes even Brooklyn NY, Vancouver has planted itself firmly into the film industry as whatever you want it to be. In the video below the many faces of Vancouver are revealed in a startling show of what I like to call movie magic. I'm wholeheartedly impressed with Vancouver's ability to play such a wide host of cities. Hopefully one day she'll finally get a chance to just be herself.

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