Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cross Platform Entertainment

NBC is taking a step out of the norm to bring us a new type of game show that will involve viewers right at home. You've probably heard of the widely popular trivia app, QuizUp, but now you can get addicted to it in an entirely new way (as if we needed another activity to suck up all our time). Just yesterday, NBC announced an interactive game show competition that will allow contestants to compete with people at home in real time. The series will be called QuizUp and contestants will get the opportunity to win cash prizes up to one million dollars. The in-studio contestant must win eight trivia battles against eight different players at home. If the at-home player wins a round, they will receive a monetary prize of the equivalent of what that round is worth. Potential contestants must qualify ahead of time, but even those who aren't part of the show can still play along at home.

NBC is trying out this new game show format after having success with other alternative competition shows like The Voice, America's Got Talent and America Ninja Warrior. These shows give viewers at home the opportunity to vote for their favorites and feel a sense of participation. QuizUp will give the audience an even more interactive way of participating. With less and less people watching live television, trying to get people in front of a TV at the same time every week is getting harder and harder. QuizUp will most likely not be the type of show that you will find online the following day to stay caught up on. Instead, it will push for people to sit in front of a real cable television and play in real time. Even Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune doesn't have that kind of audience involvement. This creative new trivia game hopes to bring a new, engaging type of challenge to American television.

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