Thursday, September 17, 2015

Adobe Morph Cut

I don't know how many of you have seen or heard about this new feature in Adobe Premiere called Morph Cut, but it is really cool (and scary). Basically, the premise of Morph Cut goes like this: it fixes jump cut interviews. Awesome, right? Yeah, it is, but it's also intimidating for the editor because it represents a shift in film editing that moves toward the computer controlling everything, rather than the editor. Will this be the start of robots being editors?? Nobody knows! Okay, enough of my dystopian view of this effect and now for the nitty gritty.

Morph Cut works like this. You have an interview with someone that goes as such: "So was road and uh, uhm, we saw a deer in the street but it uh...uhm...was too late for us to uhh move so...uh...we hit the uh...deer." Wow, that is like pulling teeth. What would be an 8-second sentence turned into a 25-second sentence. If this was essential to the story, and there was no way to schedule a reshoot, the clip would have to be cut to exclude the uh's and the uhm's and the lapses in talking altogether. What would result is a jump cut edit that would pretty much suck. The character would be jerking around in the frame everytime a cut had to be made and it would essentially be unwatchable. Enter Morph Cut. Morph Cut is an effect that will be implemented in Premiere Pro down the line that analyzes the footage and presents a seamless edit that is free of the jump cuts. Below is a presentation by Adobe about this. Really worth the watch.

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