Monday, January 26, 2015

Russian Ark

Russian Ark is a film directed by Aleksandr Sokurov that was filmed in one shot. The storyline of the film is a guided walk around Russia's Winter Palace, touching on small portions of Russia's history.

This is a film that in my opinion is not the most cohesive story, but what it lacks in communication, it makes up for in choreography. The entire film was shot in a single take, this means that each other the actors seen on the screen had to be at the right place at the right time, and had no room for error. Truly remarkable.

The camera operator was fitted with a Steady-cam rig and the entirety of his camera movement course was longer than 2 miles. The run time of the film is 99 minutes. This was no easy task, but
Tilman Büttner was up for the challenge.

The movie while scened in one take did take a total of 2 try to perfect, which anyone who has been on set would know that this is almost unbelievable. Russian Ark was able to pull it off however and also made a great film as well. 

While I am not personally a major lover of this work, I do respect its creation and think that there is something truly beautiful about its uniqueness. The film took on a challenge that seemed almost impossible to execute with such a large production and made it look easy. 

My overall review of the film is a 6/10 

While this isn't very high, 
I still think it is something everyone should
try and make time for.  

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