Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ideas on how to fund your film

The other day I was contemplating how I would fund a movie or a short film I wanted to make in my college career. Now being someone who wants to produce I should know such things. I decided to look up ways to do so and decided to share this with you all. 

Something I feel like would be a necessity would believing in your film and making others believe in it to. Going to local business's and asking for sponsorship is a great idea. Finding sponsors may be hard, but completely necessary. You need away to provide things for crew and actors to keep them happy. They are the ones helping your vision come to life. Obviously, you wouldn't be funding it all yourself so anything will help. 

Another way to get money for your film, which I have seen first hand is raise money from doing various things and events. 

Last semester students that I knew threw a party and people paid to get in. All the proceeds went to their film. I feel like this would be a great way to get money for a student film, everyone likes parties! If people know you are trying to raise money, they might even give more to help your cause. 

Have spare change you never use? Get a change jar and start building change or even bills and raise money yourself. Have a friend who needs to stop swearing or saying inappropriate things? Make a jar  for that too and all the proceeds go to your film. 
Another thing you could do, is make a page where people can go and help fund it. There is a site called"Go fund me" and you can set up a page and post it on Facebook for your friends and family to visit to help your cause! Have your friends share and like it and maybe you could even get their friends or family to see and help.

There are many ways you could go about to funding your film, and I just scratched the surface. I feel as though the pre-production is one of the most important things because if you have a bad foundation your ending product will be shaky. Having options to work with will make your life easier and your final product better.

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