Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Nebraska is a 2013 comedy-drama, starring Saturday Night Live alum, Will Forte, alongside Bruce Dern and June Squibb. The film originates in Billings Montana, where Woody Grant (Dern) lives with his wife, Kate (Squibb). Woody, a 70+ year-old man, is a well-intentioned and gullible character who, in the beginning of the film has just embarked on a journey to Nebraska by foot, and only gets about a mile before he is picked up by his son, David (Forte).  Woody, who is frazzled by this roadblock in his progress, insists that he must continue on to Nebraska to collect a $1 million sweepstakes prize that he has won. David, knowing that this is a scam, tries to explain this to no avail. After much deliberation, David finally agrees to let Woody go on with his journey, as long as they go together. The remainder of the movie consists of their travels to Nebraska, as well as some roadblocks along the way, and ultimately an unfortunate yet predictable ending, one that is laden with disappointment.

One aspect of this film that made it so unique was that it was entirely in black and white. This was an interesting choice, due to the fact that it lent a sort of grim, deadening feeling to the story. The colors black and white tend to be thought of as very ordinary, dull and even depressing. Perhaps the use of black and white in the film was working to foreshadow the fact that David and Woody’s journey would ultimately be a waste. Since the audience could infer the outcome (that the contest would be a scam) even before David and Woody traveled to Nebraska, the dull coloring acted in a way that caused us to take pity on Woody and the gullibility he has in his old age. It definitely foreshadows the huge disappointment that he is bound to come to terms with once he reaches Nebraska with his son. 

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