Thursday, January 22, 2015


Recently, the hit TV series Friends was added to Netflix. This was an amazing thing that seemed to sweep over everyone that I know. This was a TV show I grew up watching, seeing as my parents tuned into this show every week when I was a kid. So, I was right on board with everyone else.
I've spent a week or so binge watching it, now, and there's one aspect that I'm not sure I can get over. That's the idea of the "supercouple" known as Ross and Rachel. Their relationship plays throughout the entire series, starting with Ross pining after Rachel, then Rachel not realizing how good he'd be for her until he has a girlfriend, they date, break up, date, break up, date and break up, again and again, and is hinted at that they get married after the series finale.
The idea of the two of them is good in the beginning, seeing as Ross always had feelings for Rachel and they're both at points in their lives where they can be together. Their relationship goes well at first, but just seems to snowball. It's apparent that they were always supposed to be "endgame" but there just seems to be a point where enough should be enough. How many times can a relationship fail before you call a quits? 
They were probably widely liked at the time, and keeping them together and dangling them on this string of near separation probably did great for the ratings of the show. But, sometimes, it's better for a break to be a break-up. 

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