Friday, September 26, 2014

Inside the Theater

Since I was a young boy the movie theatre has always been a sacred place to me. Almost every other weekend as a kid the movie theatre was always a place to escape. In an odd way going to see a film with my family was a time to bond. And I say it's odd because going to see a movie with other people doesn't give you much time to talk to the other person. But it's the time before and after the movie that starts up a conversation and creates this bond between people. And I believe that all starts with the movie theatre.

From the moment you step into a theatre you are hit with the that buttery aroma, and the bright lights illuminate the concession stand. Even before the film starts you are already enthralled into a different world where candy and soda are overpriced beyond one's imagination. And as you walk into the theatre and up the stairs the little lights guide you like plane on it's take off. You sit through the previews as you get excited by another reason to come back and you can't wait until the film actually starts. And it finally does.

One of the most magical moments about going to the movies is not knowing. Not knowing what the film will do to you and how you may remember this moment is something truly special. There are moments sitting in different theaters that I will always remember. Laughing with my best friends, crying alone in a theatre, or the awkward dates I've had all while watching a movie. Some have been pretty bad movies now that I'm looking back but it's what the films remind me of and that's all that matters. Sometimes a film is more than just individual frames trying to tell a story and it becomes more about the moment of time your life is in. Movies and the experiences I've had at the theatre have changed me into who I am today, and I hope to one day make someone feel the same. 

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