Friday, September 5, 2014

Impending Motion Pictures in Pre-Production: Games to Film

Hey there ho there folks,
     Happy Friday! I know I'm happy, since I've meticulously planned my schedule to ensure I have no classes. That being said, I've spent this stashed away free time perusing all the films that are currently in pre-production and I have a lot of feelings towards the news of them existing. Particularly towards this slowly growing trend of turning games into movies. Theres a small handful of this genre specifically that are currently in pre-production. Though I approach this game to film phenomena with a pocketful of trepidation there are some that hold potential and some... not-so-much. I figured I'd share them with you for this weeks blog post.

     When I saw that Sony purchased the game rights to bring us a 3D "Assasins Creed" movie next summer, I immediately thought of this:

     However, after some thought, perhaps this film won't be as awkward as it initially sounds. After all, "Silent Hill" had a decent turn out and presented truly gruesomely twisted special effects thanks to Sony. With "Assasins Creed", alongside Sony, many other production companies are getting their hands in this game to film adaptation. Ubisoft, Regency and 20th Century Fox are all supposed producers of this potentially epic film. Screen Rants writer Ron Keys describes it to us in saying, “Think of it as ‘Prince of Persia’ meets ‘Lost’ but with an actual story and legitimate characters.” Still hesitant? Well, believe me when I say that this is not the  game to film in pre-production that has me the most nervous currently. What does you may ask?

     On July 1st, 2016 "Angry Birds: The Movie" will be released to a theater near you. We can all thank Zeus that it is not live action. *Phew* I admit in not wanting to look into the finer details of the production knowing that it's inspired by an unproductive, pointless, plotless *swallows vomit in mouth* app... For the sake of this blog post I had to delve deeper. So, with all faith for humanity slipping through my fingers I typed and searched for more. Honestly? I was surprised. They have Emmy award winner Jon Vitti writing the screenplay. He's responsible for writing for various Fox television shows such as The Simpsons and The Office. Both directors for this seemingly silly animation (Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly) have worked on "Spider-Man 2", "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs", "Tangled", "Wreck-It-Ralph" and "Frozen." While the concept is daft, I'm thinking that perhaps the minds behind it could really make it into something not-so-awful. 


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