Friday, April 29, 2016

Will The Advancement of Technology Make Old Children's Movies Full of Swears?

Technology is moving at a crazy pace. According to Moore's Law it moves at an exponential rate.

I'm not sure what the left axis of this picture is so I don't know what it means but I think it shows how much technology is accelerating.

One thing that might happen when the technology gets really crazy is that they'll figure out what birds are saying when they chirp and one issue is that they might find out that birds were swearing all the time.

This could become a MAJOR issue with PG children's movies that had birds chirping in the background. Imagine being a kid in the future, wearing a bird chirp converter headset and watching a movie from the past with birds chirping in the background which we thought were harmless chirps but they turned out to be swears like the F word or the C word or even the N word.

For this reason, we should be careful about making sure the birds we film in movies aren't rude or angry.

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