Friday, April 22, 2016

NOWNESS making beautiful things

I discovered a trove of video treasures today. I've been on before but never had the time to sift through its content beyond browsing video titles and thumbnails. NOWNESS is the digital video platform of Dazed Media, which also publishes one of my favorite online creative/news outlets, Dazed and Confused Magazine. "Celebrating the extraordinary of the every day," NOWNESS hosts hundreds of videos under the categories Art & Design, Music, Culture, Food & Travel, and Fashion & Beauty. While covering vastly different subject matters, the videos are all aesthetically striking and similar in reverent tone. Just uploaded today:

Here, artist Tauba Auerbach exhibits her new "tome" aka glorified pop-up book. There is no dialogue but instead an almost-uncomfortable focus on the sounds of the package's tape being slit, the book sliding out of its shell, etc.

The following two frames are from a sense-assaulting "Scratch n Sniff" and awe-inspiring "The Man Who Sails with the Stars," respectively. I find both videos, as I do the rest of the website's collection, painfully beautiful. Its components are not only well-executed (i.e.well-filmed and edited), but NOWNESS is expertly curated. I will definitely be spending more time here in the future.

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