Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Role of Combat Cameraman

Combat Camera is defined as the acquisition and use of still and motion imagery to support operational and planning requirements across the range of military operations and during joint exercises. The imagery produced provides operational information for internal and external use. The deployment of joint COMCAM teams offer a capability to enhance operational and PA missions. COMCAM teams often have access to events and areas unavailable to public affairs, other visual information personnel or media representatives.

Combat Camera units provide the President, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, combatant commands, and joint task forces with a directed imagery capability in support of operational and planning requirements during wartime operations, worldwide crises, contingencies and joint exercises. COMCAM visual documentation enhances the commander’s situational awareness and establishes a historical operations record.

COMCAM forces perform a unique and highly specialized mission. Their capabilities range from aerial photography and airborne qualification to special forces reconnaissance and underwater photography. COMCAM forces are assigned to J-3 Operations under the direct control of the J-39 Global Operations staff officer. While their efforts and products routinely support the intelligence and public affairs missions, COMCAM exists as a separate and distinct operational entity with a clearly defined documentation mission.

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