Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Simpsons: A Case Study on Birds in TV

For this weeks blog post I will be watching a 22 minute episode of the Simpsons as a case study to see what the RTBPM (references to birds per minute) of an average American television show is.

The episode I chose is season 27 episode 12, "Much Apu About Something"

- 00:05 - They show a clip of Mary Poppins flying through the sky in the opening credits when they could have shown a bird.
- 01:09 - They had a small montage of outdoors stuff and there weren't any birds in the sky in any of the scenes. Seems unrealistic.
- 01:40 - BIRD REFERENCE #1 - There is a container of Turkey Jerkey on Apu's counter in Kwik-E-Mart
- 07:22 - BIRD REFERENCE #2 - In the background of the quick&fresh supermarket there are "FREE RANGE CHICK PEAS", an classic twist on free range chicken. 
- 09:53 - They point to a beehive in a tree but there are no birds nests in the tree. Seems unrealistic.
- 11:58 - BIRD REFERENCE #3 - There is what looks to be chicken parm on the table at an Italian restaurant Homer and Apu are at. I'm bothered that the first 3 references to birds are about them being food.
- 13:10 - BIRD REFERENCE #4 - Apu says "chicken vindaloo" to his nephew. Seriously? Another reference to birds as food? This isn't okay at all.
- 17:38 - BIRD REFERENCE #5 - A shot of eggs going bad in quick&fresh. Another food reference. 

There were 5 bird references in 22 minutes. That makes the RTBPM exactly 0.22727.

It is extremely troubling that every reference was to them being portrayed as food. I am consider filing a lawsuit against American TV.

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