Friday, October 10, 2014

Twin Peaks

David Lynch, of Eraser Head fame, made a very strange TV show in the 90's. Trying to explain what twin peaks is to someone who's never watched it is very difficult but I'll try my best. The show at first seems like a soap opera about a detective. It's melodramatic, slow paced, just like the opening credits. Then the plot.. thickens. Twin Peaks is not what it seems, almost nothing is what it seems, as log lady will tell you:

Characters like Log Lady (heres a funny buzzfeed list about her) are what make Twin Peaks so enamoring. Lynch and Frost create a town so small, and so weird, that you cant look away. One of the huge parts of the show is the sound and the score. Though at first it feels cheesy, accept the weirdness David Lynch is throwing your way and you will not regret it.

(Agent Cooper and his best friend)
(Audrey Horne, her hair is full of secrets)

First there's Agent Dale Cooper, an FBI agent sent to town to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer. He loves nothing better than an incredible piece of pie and a damn good cup of coffee.
(Bobby and Shelly)

Next is Audrey Horne, seductress, misunderstood, and written off by her father and many others as a silly teenage girl. She is strong willed and goes to extreme lengths to prove she's not a bratty airhead teenager, as she first seems.

Benjamin Horne, Audrey's father, mostly ignores her and treats her like a little girl. He is a twisted man, which I won't explain. Watch the show to find out just how awful a person he is.

(Leo & Shelly = creepy)
Bobby Briggs is the first suspect in Laura's murder, he was her boyfriend, and is a very 90s-grunge, angsty teenager. He is a smart ass, and as other rebellious teens before him, is the polar opposite of his military man father.

Bobby, however, was seeing Shelly Johnson behind Laura's back. Shelly is married to Leo Johnson but is very obviously scared of him. Shelly's relationship with Leo is more similar to an abusive father-daughter relationship than husband and wife.

(Donna Hayward on life post Laura Palmer)
Leo Johnson is a scary guy. There's something off about him, and he's somehow connected to the drugs that Laura was addicted to before her death.

Donna Hayward, the deceased Laura Palmer's best friend is devastated by her death. Donna is left questioning why Laura died, and why she hid so much of her life from Donna. She's also struggling with her feelings for James Hurley, who Laura was seeing behind Bobby's back.

(James' reaction to Laura's death)
James Hurley is arguable the worst character on the show. His character is weak, uninteresting, and his reactions are unbelievable. It's a wonder he was able to get Laura or Donna to give him the time of day.

There are many other interesting characters on the show I could continue to go on about forever but these few are the most important. You'll just have to watch the show to find all the other weird people.

Coincidentally it was just announced that Lynch and Frost will be writing an directing a continuation of the series to air in 2016.

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