Friday, October 17, 2014

Sarah Jone's Set Safety App

Last February on a low budget film called Midnight Rider Sarah Jones, a camera assistant was struck and killed by a train. After not checking the right safety precautions and shooting on a live train track the crew found out they had 60 seconds to get off the bridge they were shooting on. Frantically grabbing equipment and trying to escape some off the crew were injured but Jones was hit by debris causing her to land in front of the train.

This caused a massive wake in the industry and many of the crew and her family has been questioning the ethics of the industry and the safety on set. Friends of Jones got together to create an app that lets anyone report any safety issues on set and lets you contact a safety hotline if needed. They hope to cut down the majority of accidents and the lack of safety on sets today.

I hope everyone is safe and takes precautions while filming there final.

More information about the story and the app are in the links below

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