Friday, October 10, 2014

A Film with a Thousand Films Inside

We have talked in class about Paramount's film Rango and how it is a film that has hundreds of film references throughout. Another film that caught my eye and does the same thing is 2000's Chicken Run. Essentially the film is a claymation parody of The Great Escape but with chicken famers instead of Nazis. In some parts the film is almost exactly the same but not only that the film references so many films on top of that.

From films like Psycho, Ace in the Hole, Enter the Dragon, and Alien. The list goes on and on. When Rocky is giving a inspirational speech he even directly quotes a line from the Italian Job. And even the famous Star Wars jump that wasn't even original in Star Wars. If you haven't seen the film I suggest you watch it, not only is it spectacularly written but it is also beautifully animated.

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