Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Skateboarding "Thesis" Update

I've begun the slow process of production for my (no longer) thesis, and we've hit many road bumps along the way. 

1. This will not be my thesis anymore. 
              Arturo was informed by the high ups in Park, and then informed me, that this project needs to stop production and will not count for any class credit. Recently among many colleges there has been an increase in insurance and liabilities because of some tragedies that happened among other schools. (http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2011/04/18/emerson_student_dies_in_fall_from_building/) Because it will no longer count for class credit that's created some more road bumps along the way. I've been able to put less time and effort into the project because school work needs to take priority. I've also had a few crew members express less of an interest in working on this project now that it is no longer for a thesis credit. And finally I was receiving a bit of financial help on the project from my family and they are less keen on giving me money to make a skate film of my friend as opposed to something for thesis credit. 

2. The talent's busy schedule.
          Ed Kiefer, an internationally ranked downhill skateboarder, is really just a shit-head highschooler with a decently busy schedule. Ed will be away this weekend and next at races, and the weekend after that I will be fully committed to Porn so I can get credit for thesis. The previous weekend we could have shot on Sunday, but he was inside with 8 hours of homework to make up from missing school for races. So that rules weekends out. Then every day during the week he has school until 3, and stays after making up work until 3:30-4. He can never get a ride anywhere so by the time I pick him up from school, go home to get his skateboard, and get to the hill its at least 4:30. That leaves us maybe 2 hours of shooting before we lose light, AND those two hours are during rush hour, the worst time to shoot. 

3. The weather is only getting worse. 
       I was planning on gathering a lot of footage last week and last weekend, however, it was raining the entire time. For fairly obvious reasons we cannot shoot in the rain. This week so far has been overcast and dreary. While it is possible to shoot in these conditions, the shots will not turn out well. However, I'm being forced to shoot in these conditions because of the weather and time constraints. Conditions like this force us to get follow car shots which are much less creative, but shots from a tripod would not look good at all because of the weather. Also we are losing daylight quickly and with Ed's time constraints with school there is getting less and less time to shoot everyday. 

Overall, this project isn't going as planned for multiple reasons out of my control, however, because it is no longer counting as my thesis credit I am feeling less pressure. I still want this to turn out the best it can be, and I think it will. 

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