Friday, August 28, 2015

Universal Quick Disconnect?

This week Edlekrone revealed their latest essential innovation for the cinematographer's toolbelt - a universal quick disconnect attachment for any cameras use on any piece of equipment. Essentially this would allow a camera operator to seamlessly move from, say, a tripod to a jib to a crane and then back without ever screwing in a new plate. Although it is a seemingly painless process, anyone who has been on set before knows how it can suck up an unwanted amount of time.

This tool continues Edelkrone's streak of simplifying things that I thought couldn't be made easier. Nowadays the film process has been fairly standardized, and we don't expect creations such as this to comoe along and improve the process. It's boarderline annoying how innovative they are, making such elegant, simple pieces that make one think "Dang, I should have thought of that." The one big downside for me has to be the price - coming in at around $140 for what essentially is three screws and a plastic handle puts it out of the budgets for many young film makers. I think the best course of action for a piece like this is to wait until a third party (in the style of Samyang, Rokinon, ect. bringing down prices for comparable lenses) makes a knock off. Until then, we can only keep switching plates.

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