Thursday, August 27, 2015

New Sons of Anarchy Spinoff Gives the Mayans Motorcycle Club the Spotlight

Kurt Sutter, the man behind The Shield and Sons of Anarchy, is in development for a Sons spinoff involving a rival gang, the Mayan Motorcycle club. The Mayans were heavily woven into the plot of the original series as rivals-turned-partners with the Sons gang, SAMCRO. By the end of the original show's finale, the Mayans and SAMCRO built a working relationship between the two gangs as business associates and partners in crime. This daring and smart move gives room for Sons stars to pop in and guest star from time to time. While Sutter has not released details on who will come back and when they will be featured, we know it we are guaranteed to see some familiar faces.

Emilio Rivera will return as the Mayan's president, Marcus Alvarez, but from there will be a lot of new faces in his gang. Unlike the Sons who obtained their income by selling black market guns, the Mayans create their profit from dealing heroine. I can only imagine what kind of trouble heroine distribution will get this gang into.

Sutter is looking to continue the success that Sons grew into over its seven season course. It became one of FX's most watched shows the station had ever produced, and it's looking to feed off of that growing fan base. I find it a smart move of the network to step away from SAMCRO and the gun business, in light of all the recent mass shootings. A gang with heroine will definitely stir up trouble and we can expect to see a lot of people dead at the end of each season, but the focus will be off illegal guns. So cheers to every Sons fan who is going through SAMCRO withdrawal, and is ready for some more good old fashion Southern California gang wars.

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