Thursday, August 27, 2015

Entourage (The TV Show)

This past summer I finished watching Game of Thrones and moved my focus towards Entourage, the HBO series that follows movie star Vincent Chase and his group of friends. The show is loosely based off of executive producer Mark Wahlberg's life as a rising film star. As a movie star, Vince's life revolves around his friends Eric Murphy or "E", Johny "Drama" Chase (Vince's older and less talented brother), Turtle and Vince's agent, Ari Gold.

I can't get enough of this TV show, which is hard now that classes have started! Each episode runs for 30 minutes, and it makes a great show to binge-watch easily. Since I started watching it a few weeks ago, I've already finished the first half of season 3, which is a sad accomplishment now that I'm already halfway through the second part of the season.

Entourage brings forth two main themes throughout the series. The most prevalent and thus easily noticed are the heavy undertones of male friendship and machoness. Entourage boils down to a bro-tv show, of four friends and the endless fun that being rich in Hollywood brings you. Because of the high stakes of such a lifestyle, this bravado brings out the testosterone. Throughout the series, this can mainly be seen with Vince's agent, Ari Gold. Dealing with clients and studios often leads Ari to act...angrily...often his phone is thrown, or someone is yelled at, like Lloyd, oh poor Lloyd. The second theme, if we'll call it that, (probably more of a characteristic of the show) is the embracing and focus of the lifestyle of the rich and famous in Hollywood. There are scenes where we see Vince buys his friends $10,000 watches, Aston Martins (I don't even want to know the price) and countless other expenses that add up to an enormous credit card bill. The group frequents expensive restaurants, Rodeo Drive, flies in a helicopter and take private jets wherever they need to go. This all goes along with countless parties, clubs, drugs, and alcohol.

All-in-all Entourage is an excellent show that warrants a look for someone searching for a new series to watch.

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