Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Size 0

Finally an update about Size 0!! Now that I'm in the exciting process of editing, I can share some of my highs and lows of the documentary life. First, I've learned that no matter what vision you have at the beginning, it will not be the same as the final result. This is because all of my footage is based upon how non-actors act in front of a camera. This can yield some really unique moments that are so real and touching which could never be planned. This also means your final product is based on whatever your subjects say, and if they are awkward in front of the camera, then so be it. You take what you are given.

That being said, I've sorted through hours of footage and still came up short. My thesis talks about the importance of diet and exercise for weightloss or to simply maintain a healthy lifestyle. By editing a rough cut, I've discovered my lack of footage that represents the diet side of everything. I've got plenty of great work out footage, but little to balance out the importance of nutrition. Lucky for me, I still have time to fix that. This weekend the soccer team will be traveling to New Jersey for playoffs. This will give me plenty of opportunities to film the team eating and get great examples of what types of food they eat and how much. Once that is done, my thesis will look a lot better and will have a bigger impact.
Although things didn't end up like the vision I started with, I'm proud of the message I am trying to get across to people and I can't wait for the final result.
Oh, and here's a sneak peak....

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