Thursday, December 10, 2015

10 things I've learned from doing thesis

1. Write shorter scripts
2. If you're a control freak and you know this about yourself don't let someone else edit your movie
3. If you really want a certain shot, make your DP get it even if they don't want to
4. If your DP really wants a certain shot let your DP get it even if you don't want to (they are probably right)
5. Don't tell your DP he is right about anything until the movie is wrapped
6. If you're going to act and direct find an assistant director who can keep track of time and what hand you had the flowers in
7. If you're going to edit your own movie let someone who is better at it edit it with you
8. The semester you plan to take thesis make sure all your other classes have very understanding professors
9. I am very tired
10. If the acting is the same in both takes use the one where the person's hair looks better

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