Friday, November 7, 2014

Drink Up Me Hearties, Yo Ho!

As a cinema production major people always expect my favorite film to be either some silent, independent, or incredibly artsy film.  My favorite film, however, fits into none of these categories.  So get ready, because my favorite film is (drum roll please) Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. 

When this film was first being written, many critics believed that it would be a flop, for pirate films had not been popular for a number of years.  The film, however,  has done so well that it has inspired four sequels, one of which is to begin shooting in Australia this February.  The characters of Captain Barbossa and Jack Sparrow were so popular that they were added back into the ride that originally inspired the movie.

Sorry...Captain Jack Sparrow

There is something very cathartic about Pirates of the Caribbean.  It allows me to become something that I am not, and bring me back to a time period that I would have no access to otherwise.  When I watch this film, I feel like a total rebel.  I want to be a pirate.  I want to live that dirty swashbuckling life where it is okay to steal things, hunt for treasure, and do whatever you want to do just because you feel like it.  And hey, it would be so cool to just be able to be a salty old pirate.  Although the life of pirates is glorified in these films, I can’t keep from wondering what it would be like to be a pirate for the day.

One thing I enjoy about these films is that pirates are portrayed as heroes.  In a decade when superhero movies preach universal morals, the Pirates of the Caribbean films root for the bad guy.  These pirates fight against the law for the liberation of pirates while committing immoral or illegal actions the entire time.  Each of the protagonists‘ goals is motivated by selfish reasons.  Though the pirates are truly in the wrong in this situation, the government officials are the antagonists.

Even though the pirates break the law, the audience enjoys taking their side, for each of the protagonists has an incredibly strong character.  The best example of this is Captain Jack Sparrow.  He is charming and funny.  When he spills his heart to Elizabeth about the Black Pearl being his one true love, you can truly feel his heartache.  Elizabeth Swan, on the other hand, is a strong and independent young woman thrown into a world she has never seen before.  Will Turner gives his all and risks his life to save his true love.

The production design and costuming in this film is absolutely stunning.  A lot of research had to be done in order to procure the correct weapons that fit within the time period.  The costumes for both the pirates and the government officials are beautiful and also look very authentic.  When I watch this film, I feel as though I can almost smell the pirates.

And with that I leave you with one last question...Why is the rum always gone?

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