Friday, November 14, 2014

6 Seasons and a Movie

As a huge fan of Community - except season 4, which we'll pretend doesn't exist - it's life has been an emotional roller coaster. It first began halfway through season 3, NBC executives removed Community from its schedule mid season. Fans took up the phrase, "Six seasons and a movie" (originally said by Abed referring to The Cape), became a battle cry for community fans. The show was eventually put back in the line up to finish its season, but that was not the end of Community's troubles.

Dan Harmon, the creator and executive producer was replaced for season four. Most fans have agreed to not talk about season 4. Season 5 brought back Dan Harmon, but we also lost Donald Glover as Troy Barnes. The show found its groove again with Jonathan Banks as a Criminology professor. Community was not renewed by NBC for season 6 but was picked up by Yahoo!

Community has been through so much but I love its weird story lines. Dan Harmon is a great story teller, some weird things come out of his head. If you like Community I suggest you check out his other show, Rick and Morty.

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