Friday, August 29, 2014

We Can Relate

           If there was one movie I spent my whole summer re-watching and picking apart, it would definitely have to be Divergent. The movie is originally based upon the trilogy series, by Veronica Roth. When I first heard about this movie I thought, great, another Hunger Games movie. And although I like action movies, how could Divergent be so different from The Hunger Games? They both had the same main plot: A world in the future ran by a new government system. This government system dividing their people into different sections. Of course I read the books first, but I wanted to see how the film portrayed the book and if the writers would stay true to the original book and its theme or if it would be made into something that was basically a replica of The Hunger Games.

When I finally watched the movie, I thought it was very good. It was almost, if anything identical to the book, which I was very pleased with. The movie focuses on Beatrice Prior. It immediately starts with her and what role she plays in society. In her world there are five factions that rule. Each of these  factions focuses on a certain quality in personality. The Abnegation are selfless, the Candor are honest, the Amity are peaceful, the Erudite are knowledgable, and the Dauntless are brave. Beatrice was born in abnegation and feels as if she is too selfish for the Abnegation. When she finally takes her test to figure out what faction she belongs in, she finds out she is Divergent, which means she does not fit into any one category. However, being Divergent is very dangerous and she is told to tell no one. Because of this and how she feels out of place in Abnegation, she finally chooses Dauntless. As the movie goes on the audience is able to watch her develop into someone new, strong, and brave. However along the way she finds out how dangerous being divergent is. But once she finds out what the Erudite are up to, she decides that being Divergent was never her weakness, but instead her strength. By discovering this, Beatrice, or now known as Tris, is able to fight back against Erudite from killing innocents, as well as Divergents. 

While this film is able to draw in the audience by the interesting ideas of factions, as well as the action packed scenes, it is the character of Beatrice (Tris) that really resonates with the audience. Beatrice admits to being selfish, however it is how she recognizes this that she is able to conquer it. And by embracing being Divergent, she is able to help save thousands. Her character is very relatable and it is not a predictable character that you see in many action packed films, such as The Hunger Games. In the Hunger Games, Katniss is made out to be more shy and hates being the center of attention. Nor does she, eventually, want to lead a rebellion. She hates everything that has happened to her world, however she does not want to be the person to lead the change or fix it. Now in Divergent, Tris is more outspoken, does not care if people see her or not. And although she hates everything that has happened to her world, she is ready to fight and is ready to be the person to lead. And the fact that Beatrice does not initially fit in with her world only makes her more determined to figure out who she is. Her character helps teach people everywhere that even if you don't fit in, you shouldn't conform to the norms. She teaches us to be who we are, even if we are hated for it. And that is someone we can and want to relate to.

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