Friday, August 29, 2014

The Great Gambino

Okay so maybe I'm not talking about THE Great Gambino but I do want to talk about a man some may know as Childish Gambino (a stage moniker) and others may know as Donald Glover. The man can do anything he wants.

He's a rapper:
(Bonfire music video, directed by Derrick Comedy alumn Dan Eckman)
With two certified gold singles (Heartbeat and 3005) Glover raps under the name Childish Gambino.

A writer:
(30 Rock)
After working on Derrick Comedy, he gained attention, and became a writer with occasional cameos on Tina Fey's hit show, 30 Rock. He later left the show to pursue his acting career.

An actor:
“Usually, when writers tell you they want to pursue performing, you want to tell them to keep their day jobs. But with Donald, I had to agree that his talent, youth and handsomeness were not to be wasted sitting on my living room floor.”  - Tina Fey

And a comedian:
(From his standup, Weirdo)
This clip explains the internet campaign that began with one fan suggesting on an online message board that Donald would make a good spiderman. This seemingly harmless opinion led to an internet sensation revolving around arguments of the race of spiderman and ended with Andrew Garfield getting the role. Don't worry though, they worked it out.

(Picture tweeted by Glover with the message, "Talked it out")

This story does have a happy ending. Writer, Brian Bendis, released a comic about a year later with a black spiderman, saying he had the idea before the whole "Donald for Spiderman" debacle, but that it did influence his choices for the character.

Now that character, known as Miles Morales, is appearing on Ultimate Spiderman, a Disney Channel cartoon adaptation of the Marvel comics. Miles Morales is a half black, half latino prepubescent who takes over for Peter Parker, and IS TO BE VOICED BY DONALD GLOVER.

And as a bonus heres a Derrick Comedy sketch about film school and a crazy ex-boyfriend played by Donald Glover:

As a second bonus here is Tina Fey rapping on Childish Gambino's album Royalty:

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