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Beth Greene

For those of you that watch The Walking Dead and have not seen the recent episode…….there are spoilers ahead.
 I started watching The Walking Dead not too long ago. I binged on all four seasons on Netflix for probably a straight two weeks, meanwhile I should have probably been doing homework, but watching this series was more important to me. I heard the hype over the walking dead when it first premiered and I did not really see what everyone was talking about. The concept of zombies can either be really good or just plain horrible. Being that I was a fan of Resident Evil, I thought maybe it will be good. I started watching it, and at first I did not see the obsession, but I found myself wanting to watch what happened in each next episode. I became addicted and obsessed. It was good, and so I added another television shows to my list to watch.
The walking dead was interesting because of every character. Every character brought something different to the table. And being that every couple episodes you learn more about one character, as well as introduced to several news ones, you have to keep watching what happens to each person. You grow an attachment to what each character does and what they represent in the world. You want to see how this character develops and who they become. Even though I prefer some characters over the others, they all have some kind of interest. 

One character that I never really liked or hated was Beth Greene. Beth Greene is introduced in the second season when the main characters are brought to a farm. A farm where Beth lives with her father, sister, and other people from before the outbreak of the apocalypse. When I first was introduced to Beth I did not think much of her, she was kind of just there. She was the sweet farmer’s daughter, pale, blonde, and blue eyed who sang songs for everyone. Although she knows about the outbreak in the world, she still has not been that exposed to what it’s really like
out there. When the other group joins her family, she’s shown here and there helping out with providing food, and anything anyone needs. People do not really get a sense of who Beth is until the episode where she says she wants to kill herself. To me at least, I kind of expected that. I expected her to be a weak girl who couldn’t hold on. After she tries to kill herself, she soon realizes death is not what she wants. Death would not fix the world, she would just be gone. After that episode we see that Beth more. When all the characters have to leave the farm due to the fact that walkers overran it, they stay at a
prison. While at the prison, the people make it more homely. Once they have developed a system, Beth becomes somewhat of a motherly figure for character, Rick Grimes’ daughter, Judith. Judith’s mother, Laurie was killed during the birthing of her. Rick so destroyed from this, payed little attention to Judith because it reminded him of Laurie’s death. Although sad, this was a great moment for Beth to shine and show what kind instincts she has. Her singing also became more prominent and she slowly became closer with more of the main characters.

Everyone was seeing the prison as their new home, and somewhere they could live during all of this madness. Unfortunately the prison was attacked by other people. Once they were attacked many people were fleeing the prison and the group did get very separated. Being that Beth was one of the last people to stay around and help fight, she was left with Daryl Dixon, one of the group’s best fighters. 

Daryl’s character in the beginning was one of an asshole. Him and his brother were typical redneck low lives. Many people did not like him or his brother Merle. However once Merle was gone from the group, there was a side of Daryl that came out. He became more sensitive, and loving. He felt like it was his job to protect everyone, and now that Merle was gone and did not have a bad influence on him, he could finally show the caring side of him that was always there. Daryl’s character has become one that viewers love now, a protecting, caring, sympathetic man.  When Beth and Daryl were stuck together, it was kind of their first real close interaction. At first Daryl was very short, and rude to Beth. Beth did not understand why he acted this way, and being Beth she tried to stay positive, but he kept shutting her down. Finally he reveals to Beth that he feels responsible for the prison’s overtake, even though it was not his fault. Being that he was a protector to them, he felt like it
 was his one purpose to keep everyone safe, it was what he was good at, and he felt like he failed everyone. He was upset that they found somewhere wonderful to live, and it was so easily destroyed. Of course he says this under intoxication, and it comes off a bit rude to Beth, however it is under that circumstance that we see a side to Beth that we can’t help but love.

She faces the fact of what happened, and she feels
nothing but compassion for Daryl. She tells him that he can’t give up just because of everything bad that happens in their lives. She says this with force, and we truly see Beth for who she is, a strong woman full of hope even in the saddest of times. It is through her hope that Daryl continues and moves on from his guilt. It is her hope that guides him back, and helps him find their way.

 After this time together, they become very close. Many fans began to ship them as a couple because together they were a balance. She was full of hope and brought out all the love in him, and strength to continue on even when something goes wrong. He brought out more strength in her, showing her how to be strong physically, and never giving up on her. However their time together was ended when beth was kidnapped by a group of cops from Atlanta. Daryl destroyed by this, eventually finds the group and tells them what happened and how he is going to find her. When we finally see Beth, she wakes up in a hospital. The people taking care of her say they saved her life and that she couldn’t leave until she repaid them. We begin to see how unstable this hospital is and how no one ever leaves. Beth however, is determined to get back to Daryl, and tries her hardest to find an escaped. After a failed attempt in trying to leave she realizes that even though she’s failed she cannot give up. While at this hospital Beth proves how strong she is. She is no longer that sweet weak girl that we first met. She is no longer that girl who tried to kill herself. She is determined, strong, and full of hope, never ever giving up.

In last week’s latest episode, the group that Daryl finds finally comes for Beth. When they negotiate a trade for Beth, everything is going fine. However, when they are about to leave, the main officer in charge, Dawn Lerner, wants one Noah back (one of the people at the hospital that escaped and joined Daryl’s group). When beth hears this, it hurts her so much that something that we would have never expected to happen, did. As Beth goes up to Dawn, and basically insults Dawn, she pulls out a scissor she had in her cast and stabs Dawn. However, Dawn already had her gun in hand, and shot Beth in the head immediately after this. 

The symbol of hope, dies. The one person who never gave up, and always encouraged others to keep going, is gone just like that. After the writers built her character up so much, the took her away that quickly. Everyone in the group is affected by this death. They were so happy to finally get her back safely, the one person they all looked to. To them Beth was the one of the only things pure left in the world. Without her and her guidance, everyone feels kind of lost. 
I was kind of surprised the writers killed her off. Especially after all the praise fans were giving her character. People are outraged that she is dead. There is already a petition to bring her back from the dead, signed by more than 10,000 people. As well as plenty of conspiracy theories as to how she is going to come back to life. Basically, no one really wants to see a world without Beth Greene. I don’t really blame them either. I was really upset by this too. Even though she was never really my favorite character it was very sad to see her go. And not only seeing her go, but seeing everyone’s reactions to her death. Seeing Daryl’s reaction, someone who she loved for all of the purity that she contained.
Seeing Rick’s reaction, someone who grew a family bond with her over his daughter. And seeing Beth’s sister’s reaction, Maggie, someone who only had one family member left.

The episode overall was just heartbreaking. And while I’m devastated to see Beth go, I think it was necessary. These characters are living in a world where death happens every second. After the world has turned into this apocalyptic state, people become scared. When people are scared they do stupid things. And that resulted in Beth’s death. The writers had to show that the world they are living in is scary, and not everyone lives. At any second, any could be killed. And not only that, but they also have to show some kind of development in the other characters. How everyone will be effected by this, will show what kind of person everyone is. And personally, I believe that while at first everyone will feel down about everything and not want to survive at first, they will fight through it. They will fight through it and survive for as long as they can because that’s what Beth would do. Beth would continue to survive, because it’s what you have to do. She would not completely lose hope because of someone’s death. She would honor that person’s death by continuing on and fighting for her life. 
Overall I just wanted to talk about her character because it is a prime example of strong character development. And her character will have a huge effect on the other characters and how they develop.

R.I.P. Beth Greene. 

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